Sermons By Heath Rhodes: Nehemiah
His Ascension His Ascension
His Betrayal How Ought Elders Spend the Lord's Money
Using The Lord's Name In Vain Church Government
Thinking & Acting Like A Christian The Elder/ Deacon Relationship
The Parable Of The Laborers Deacon Qualifications
Studying With Jehovah's Witness Jesus, The Teacher
Mormonism Strength At Home
Perseverance Biblical Preaching
Right Decisions A Look At The Cross
Divine Wisdom Easter and the Resurrection
The Work of the Eldership The Epistles of Christ
Charity that Pleases God A New Beginning
Things To Pray For Are We Fools
Things To Pray For part 2 First Century Christianity
Jesus' Mission and the O. T. Growing Old Gracefully
The Offering of Isaac If The Church Is To Grow
Easter An Historical Study Remission
Have You Been Reconciled The Greed Of Gehazi
The Need For Unity Overcoming Discouragement
Jesus and Salvation A Homecoming In Capernium
God's Family A Fool Is Always Right
Sight Seeing Trip Thru Hell An Attitude Of Gratitude
Look What You Made Me Do A New year's Resolution
Solving Church Problems Christmas and The Church
Remember Who We Are Does God Answer Prayer
Saved To Serve God's Power To Keep Us Saved
Ransom The Epistles of Christ
Jesus' Teaching On Anger  

Sunday Bible Study 10:00 am, Worship 10:45 am
Sunday Evening Worship 6:00 pm
Wednesday Night Bible Study: 7:00 pm

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