Guest Speakers:  
  Forgiven by God- Dan Winkler
Forgiving Ourselves- Dan Winkler Jerusalem- Allen Webster
The Half Has Never Been Told- Allen Webster Heaven's Bucket List- Allen Webster
The Whole Bible in One Lesson- Allen Webster Grace, Grace Everywhere- Allen Webster
22 Most Important Words on Marriage- Allen Webster Grace- Allen Webster
Youth Day pt 1- Zack Lockhart, Jesse Howard Youth Day pt 2- Ryan Pratt, Jakob Tackitt
The Kingdom of God- Tim Wilkes Wednesday, Thursday- Bill Willard
Tuesday Night- Bill Willard We Are All Debtors- Bill Willard
Untitled- Marvin Hatley Ephesians Bible Study- Bill Willard
He>Me Youth Rally Part 2, Part 3- Joe Wells Mike Glenn- Baptism
Four Opportunities to Provoke Others- Marvin Hatley Moses- Ryan Pratt
Are Your Sure You're Going To Heaven?- Don Blackwell Have You Been Repenting The Right Way?- Don Blackwell
Why Are There So Many Churches?- Don Blackwell What Can I Learn From Proverbs About Raising Children?- Don Blackwell
Is Pornography Destroying Your Home?- Don Blackwell What Is Influence?- Jeff Heitman
Commands in Colossians- A.J. Pratt What Must I Do to be Saved?- Marvin Hatley
Kingdom, Church, Heaven- Matt Legler Justification and Santification- Wyatt Collins
Gnosticism Bible Study- Ryan Pratt Untitled- Clint Yarber
Instruments Used During Worship- Mike Glenn The Great Commission Part One, Part Two- Samrid
Contentment- John DeBerry Stand Your Ground- John Deberry
Standing Your Ground- John DeBerry Define Your Terms- John DeBerry
It's Our Time- John DeBerry  
Freely Servants- Ben Lockhart Anology of the Church Local- Kirby Cole
Love- Craig Collins Jerry Jacques- Untitled
Glenn Colley Lesson 1, Question and Answer Glenn Colley Lesson 2, Question and Answer
Glenn Colley Lesson 3, Question and Answer Sorrow- Wyatt Collins
Persecution- Zack Lockhart Eternal Life- Matt Legler
Congregational Diversity- Jerry Jacques Influence- Jerry Jacques
The Purpose of Our Lives- Ben Lockhart Why Would Christ Die for Us?- A.J Pratt
Where Most People Miss the Way- John Shannon

Building a Foundation- Mavin Hatley

If You Stand for the Lord, You Will be Blessed- John Shannon Roles of Men and Women in Worship- Marvin Hatley
Don't Get Hooked Up With the Bad- John Shannon What Think Ye Of Christ- Allen Webster
Departure From the Faith- John Shannon Don't Ever Give Up- Allen Webster
Who Are We?- John Shannon Are Your Wings Drooping-Allen Webster
I Am His- Joe Wells Luke 13- Roy Moss
Boundaries-Joe Wells The Bible- Roy Moss
Peer Pressure- Joe Wells Christian Life- Ivie Powell
Must The Church Change- Dr. Dave Miller Light and Darkness- Cole Denton
Must The Church Change 2- Dr. Dave Miller Great Command- Cole Denton
The Psallo Argument-Dr. Dave Miller Guest Speaker-Cole Denton
The Instrumentalist Argument-Dr Dave Miller Things Related To Remission- Wayne Rodgers
Questions & Answers- Dr. Dave Miller Seeing Jesus- Wayne Rodgers
The Joy of Worship- Jeff Heitman Does God Really Love Me- Wayne Rodgers
Importance of Worship- Jeff Heitman A Life Worthy of Heaven- Wayne Rodgers
Assembling to Worship- Jeff Heitman Why It's GreatToBeAChristian-Wayne Rodgers
Worship as a Way of Life- Jeff Heitman Guest Speaker-David Gibson
Preparing to Worship- Jeff Heitman  

Sunday Bible Study 10:00 am, Worship 10:45 am
Sunday Evening Worship 6:00 pm
Wednesday Night Bible Study: 7:00 pm